Shiseido F Program D-HPT (Deep) Review

September 05, 2014

Hello everyone, I have been wanting to post this review for a long time, but I keep forgetting. Here, I have finally posted a review about Shiseido F Program D-HPT! It is basically a hair serum and please note that use D-HPT for extremely dry hair and If you prefer a light texture, use L-HPT.

Basic Information

Weight: 80 ml

Product of: Japan

Product Description

  • Use just a drop of D-HPT oil to make your hair moist and smooth and give an amazing shine.
  • D-HPT - Delays progress of damage and maintains waviness for longer for extremely dry hair
  • Heat protecting oil prevents the damage of hair dryer and iron styling tool by coating hair strand by strand and makes hair feel silky and luster.

For Wavy Hair

Delays progress of damage and maintains waviness for longer.

For Hair Straightening Treatment

Prevents frizzing, increase sleekness, and keeps hair manageable.

For Coloured Hair

Increase brightness of salon color and keeps it in for longer.

For Extremely Dry Hair

Prevents frizzing, keeps hair manageable, and makes it easier to style.


It comes in a transparent bottle with a pump and a cap.
I lost the cap

Texture & Fragrance

The serum is very thick but somehow it’s not oily and sticky. It has a nice fragrant smell.


Before drying your hair, take two pumps of D-HPT (for medium-length hair) and spread throughout your hair. Dry your hair. Then take one pump and spread over the ends of your hair using the overlay technique.

My Impression 

Well, I was looking for this product as a heat protecting purpose since I use a lot of heat on my hair. Shiseido F Program D-HPT is also supposed to protect your hair from UV rays. And it was expensive but is a great product. My hair was fine even though I straightened it a lot and used hair dryer all the time. When I permanently straightened my hair later, this product was recommended to me as well. Well, the best part is it does not weight your hair down. My hair is also a lot healthier and shinier when I used this serum. My hair is also less frizzy upon application.

Pros and Cons


  • Protects heat
  • Hair is shinier and healthier
  • Hair becomes less frizzy
  • Does not weight down hair
  • Not oily
  • Not sticky


  • Ingredients written in Japanese (Can’t read >.<)
  • Expensive






Highly recommended

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