Simplicity Simply Glitz Lip Gloss Review

July 13, 2014

Basic information

SimplySiti is a cosmetic line founded by a Malaysian artiste, Siti Nurhaliza

Product of: Malaysia
Colour: Starry Pink


Like most lip gloss, it comes in a glass and square looking bottle, where we have to turn the lid in order to open the container. 

Product Description

  • Perform glossy and shiny finish and long lasting film former on the lips. 
  • Provide moisture to the lips from Blueberry Fruit Extract. 
  • Vitamin E helps the lips to become soft and supple. 
  • Maxi Lip which is supplement collagen synthesis increases lip volume. 
  • Bisabolol helps soothes sensitive and very dry skin. 
  • All these results lips to become softer, smoother and moister compared to before.

Texture & Fragrance

It has a very smooth, creamy and glossy texture. It gives a shine when I wear it. It also have a nice candy-like scent.


Just uncover the lid and apply the lip gloss on your lips.

My Impression 

This is a great lip gloss. I really love the colour. It’s bright and and the colour is well pigmented. Its very creamy and also have a delicious candy-like scent. It also creates volume to make my lips look fuller. I really love how this product suits well with my dark skin.

Pros and Cons


  • Lips looks fuller
  • Easily available in most pharmacies such as Guardian and Watson
  • The bright colour doesn't stay too long, but i like it that way
  • Creamy
  • Nice scent
  • Love the colour
  • Glossy and shiny


  • Doesn't really moisturize lips






Highly Recommended

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